黃葉舞秋風 - 紫薇

黃葉舞秋風  (紫薇)

黃葉舞秋風 was originally recorded by 周璇 in 1947 in the movie "長相思" starring 周璇 and 舒適. 長相思 includes 7 sub - themes (插曲); some of the better known songs include: 夜上海, 花樣的年華, 星心相印 and 燕燕于飛. 黃葉舞秋風 was recorded by other singers including, 奚秀蘭, 費玉清 and 劉鳳屏. Composed by 黎錦光, lyrics written by 范煙橋. 紫薇 recorded this song in 1969.

紫薇 - 黃葉舞秋風

黃葉舞秋風 伴奏的是四野秋蟲
粉臉蘆花白 櫻唇楓血紅
自然的節奏 美麗的旋律 異曲同工
只怕那霜天曉角 雪地霜鐘一掃而空

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